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While its apart.. I might as well

Just so everyone knows the backstory, and who I am blah blah blah. My name is Tommy(Valin), I live in NYC and I'm a freelance photographer. I'm good friends with the infamous Sakurama, and Flanny, I'm sure you're all familiar with their build threads. Obviously, I was influenced to get a 07 990 adventure about a little over a year ago now by them. Something I havent experianced in a while happened to me this past winter/early spring.

I kept a bike more than a year. Not to say there weren't temptations. There defiantly were, in the form of a little spunky Italian in red. I met with a guy who wanted to trade me his ducati hypermotard for my ADV straight up. It went so far as to ride each others bikes.I was so close to giving her up, letting a stranger ride her! Luckily for me, the hypermotard S wasn't an actual S . So it was easier to let it go. I have to say though I was happy to get back on the ADV and take her home.

So, looks like this 990 will be with me for a little bit now! I have to say, I was a little confused at what to do now. After being around Sakurama's bike and watching what happens when your just going to "clean it" maybe a fresh coat of paint. I wasn't going to have any part in that. I mean, I bought an adventure to ride, right? Its just a big dirt bike. It should always be covered in dirt, never clean! Since i decided to keep her around for awhile she was looking a little neglected. Especially when compared to the guys I usually ride with. Just some preventative maintenance thats all I needed to do to keep this bike going strong. ADVRider forums helped play a part in spoiling my KISS (Keep it simple stupid) approach, to what has now become quite involved.

There was always a couple of parts on the Want to own list. First being the Rottweiler intake system. I never wanted to pay the price for it though. One day it pop'd up on ADV forum I snatched that up right away. To say the least that was the beginning of the end. Now I have a storage box full of fancy parts waiting to go on the bike. I won't name everything right now, but lets just say I don't think I can get anything else for it at this point. To back up though, this did start as what was suppose to be having my bike apart for maybe the weekend at most.

So a couple of weeks ago I had all my how to Pdf's and manuals uploaded on my iPad ready to work. I was lucky enough to talk Sakurama(Gregor) into coming out to my garage one night and help me do my waterpump rebuild. This is where it all started to go wrong haha . Or maybe I should say right, That was about 3 weeks ago now haha. The Quote of that night, and the weeks to follow was, "well its apart.... I might as well"...... the list goes on. I've also enlisted the help of my garage mate and fellow Adv owner Jconly on this build. His bike was also what pushed me to do more to mine seeing it in the garage. He did a lot to his last year before riding it to Florida. Nearly all off road I believe. He talked me into doing the Valves while my bike was apart. Which I thank him for pushing me to do this, kinda dumb not to when its already so far apart. So valves are the first thing to be finished. Just to fill you in on the waiting list now.... I'm waiting for Forks to come back from SPS. Also all my parts to come back from the powdercoater.

While I had the swing arm off I remembered to drill out the bottom to let water out. I didn't have any water in mine. There was a bunch of sand though

My problem with working on this last year is because I had a rs125 as my second bike. I couldn't really take that for little trips here and there. Since it was only for the track. I solved that problem this year.... New track bike with street option. Not as fun as the adv on road by any means, but it will do for now.

This is from the last "ride" I did with her in its current state. You can't really see mine much, far left. But that crazy Italian in the foreground and forget it Gregors bike next to mine. Plus being a regular audience to the Flanny vision build threads. I had all ideas and inspiration I needed. Plus, always a little fun competition. That I will, no Doubt lose! haha

Before Picture.... Lets see what happens stay tuned

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