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Originally Posted by street_moto View Post
Sorry to hear about your trouble and I can't offer any advice about repair or replacement, but I'd say that it's the dealer/mechanics fault and I'd be expecting them to sort it out. Something should have told the mechanic/expert who you paid good money to effect a repair on your vehicle, that something was amiss when he had to extend the breaker bar. Any dope would know that something would break, it's only alloy for goodness sake! Looks like he just used brute force to extract the pin rather than heat it up to soften the Loctite on the thread. Hope you get sorted!
Using a breaker bar on the joint in question without heating the joint/threads which are well known to be secured with Loctite and subsequently damaging the case is the work of a hack not a mechanic.

Such damage is unforgivable and shows a lack of experience, skill and knowledge of how the bike is assembled and how it should be disassembled.

It appears that the proper documents were not consulted before the work was begun; again, unforgivable....that's what the damn manuals are help the technician from making an error such as we see here.

Also, the BMW dealer in question should be made public and should know that we know who the he is.

I've been in old, dirt floor Triumph and H-D shops where the mechanics used extreme care when working on customers motorcycles. Those shops are now mostly gone, replaced by well equipped shops with professional mechanics. To hear of an broken alloy case by a so-called mechanic is unforgivable.

Once, I was working on a H-D carburetor and I broke one of the tabs that holds the float pin....completely my fault. Now, I could have made out that the tab was pooly cast or some other excuse but, I knew that I made the error. The carburetor body was replaced at my expense.

I just don't trust shops to do the work as well as I can or with as much care...after all, its not their bike.

BMW's reputation is being blemished by some of their dealers.
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