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Originally Posted by R-W View Post
Been there for biz several times. Heading that way again later this year.
Will be looking forward to all your info and pics. Here's to your adventure!!
Originally Posted by Throttlemeister View Post
+1 Very Yummy!

Originally Posted by WTF-OVER View Post
We rode with Court and Sylvain about a year ago. It was the best time I've ever had on a bike.
they will take great care of you if you ride with them. I cant say enough good things about them and their company!!
enjoy the ride
Thanks for dropping in, guys!
Originally Posted by miguelitro View Post
Which one and where?

I thought there was only one equator, Mike.

Thanks for all the tips.

Originally Posted by timbercat View Post
In for the ride. Ride safe when you can!

How was the new airport? Was there last year just before it opened.
Thanks for dropping in. Not knowing what the old airport was like I can't make a comparison. I do know you need to bring cash to it even though it is a modern facility. More on that later...if we do this RR thing.

Originally Posted by R-W View Post

Thought for the day... "Hey, let's go buy 20k German motorcycles and ride em' down this... road? Hell yeah... I'm in.
Somewhere in one of my GoPro videos I think I said, "The only thing that could make us any dorkier is if we were on GSs."
Originally Posted by taranaki View Post
Yeah, and an ambient temperature glass to pour it into!!!!
Already covered that but...

Originally Posted by 8lives View Post
I'm in,looks like a
...thanks for dropping in, guys!
Originally Posted by Trialsguy View Post
My wife and I were in Equador in '07 to climb Cotopaxi. The trip from Quito to the lodge at the base (called Tambopaxi if I recall correctly) was one I'd love to do again on a dual sport. I'd recommend it.
Thanks for stopping by. If you do it get off of 35.

Originally Posted by Oldwin1 View Post
I did a similar ride in 2011. Tungurahua was making noise at that time as well. I actually did not notice it until I was leaving town heading back to Quito. I made a fantastic friend who runs a bed and breakfast in Cuenca. If you get there and want a great person to rent a room from you can contact her at the email I PM ed to you. I also rented from Freedom.
Another great place to visit is Canoa on the coast. There are a bunch of great hostels.
Thanks! That may come in handy for 'ECUADOR: Unfinished Business'. No, Dave, that isn't committment.

Originally Posted by R-W View Post
A rumbling volcano and do it yourself butcher shop dining sure beats sitting in traffic on a US freeway somewhere!

Yes Virginia... it IS more fun than watching Dancing with the Stars.
Funny you should mention DWtS...

SCS gave up her evening of following along with the 'stars' to pick our sorry asses up at Logan. She's a keeper.

Yes. We're back a little earlier than planned. Fits right in with that rigid flexibility theme.

Bottom line: had an awesome ride!

I'll work on uploading some pics and a few vids. Might even post them up at some point.

Perhaps whizzerwheel will have some time to post up some stuff as well.
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