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I don't think running bikes after cars would be a very good solution. You'd end up with even more car/bike interaction as the faster bikes catch the slower cars. And you don't want the bikes racing in the dark if possible - we don't have nearly the amount of light that the cars run.

It's a tough situation. Due to mechanical problems, I was in the middle of the cars on the first special stage and running pretty slow. For the most part, I stayed off to the side of the course, and had my head on a swivel constantly looking around to see if anybody was running up behind me.

Due to problems on the first day, I started as the very last bike on the 2nd day. And it was a long day (2 very long special stages). I started getting caught by cars on the 2nd special. I gave them room to pass, and again once I knew cars were coming through I was constantly looking back behind me to see if cars were coming. I had no problems with the cars. Each one that passed me did so carefully. I understand that wasn't the situation for everyone, but the cars were as careful as I could expect for me.

I came across Jimmy shortly after his accident. There was two buggies and a motorcyclist tending to him, and I was told he had a broken leg. I was also told that a sat phone call had been made and assistance was coming, so I continued on and met the first assistance vehicle on the course and explained how far back Jimmy was. I learned later that night that Jimmy had passed, but didn't know the specifics of what occurred.

I think the best situation for this event would be to run bikes each day by themselves, and then run the 4-wheel vehicles the following day. I understand this complicates the logistics for the course workers and NORRA significantly, and makes it more expensive. Bump up the entry fee as required, and let's make this race as safe as possible.
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