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Originally Posted by kennyd View Post
I have enjoyed a complete Ohlins front fork for over 2 years with a revalved and re-sprung rear shock on my KTM 950 SE and would love to balance the bike with a TTX44MKH with the same travel. The value of this kit will depend on the optional spring rates and matching internal valving available to optimize this investment. The Ohlins front forks offer incredible compliance on small and medium bumps yet stiffen up progressively to prevent harsh bottoming. I am sure Powercell will offer complete tuning solutions as all his projects have shown his dedication and expertise on the KTM 990/950 bikes.I look forward to his opinions and accept that he does not tolerate fools lightly! I am willing to put up funds to further his research into providing a balanced and optimized suspension solution! thanks!

Thanks for the confidence! All spring rates will be available. I've been working with Cannon Racecraft for years and they custom make all my springs. I'm currently running a 59.5 up front and a 11.2 out back.

I've also been experimenting with a uniquie carbon fiber spring lately. It's not a typical coil-type spring, but offers tremendous weight savings and tunability... 50% lighter than titanium! We'll see how it goes. Today I was attending the SAMPE show at the Long Beach Convention Center. One of the Manufacturers there had a CF coil-type spring built for Factory Connection. It weighed nothing but had some serious packaging challenges. I think there's a future in CF, but it's gonna require a purpose-built shock to handle them...

~ Ken
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