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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
Lowering links...
My son will soon be closing a deal on a 2006 KLX250s. It's his first bike and he has a 30" inseam measurement. I'm looking at getting a set of the Kouba links to lower the bike some.

For those here who have done this:

How low did you go?
Did you do anything else such as raising the forks?
How is the handling post lowering?

Thanks for your help.
I have not lowered mine and I would suggest that you let him see if he really needs it lowered before you do anything. I have a 27" inseam and was planing on lowering mine but then decided not to because I got used to the hight really quickly. The bike is so light that you do not need to be able to flat foot it. When I am wearing my street boots I can tiptoe but in my MX boots I just slide off to one side and flatfoot one foot. I think you will find the lack of response to your question is due to the fact that not that many people have found the need to lower their bikes.
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