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Thanks guys.

Re Grantala... not really, other than scattered stuff, unless its back in the archives and a lot of that is stuffed due to Imagestation disappearing. I've done a massive amount of work to her - new transom, new cabin sides, new deck, rebuilt engines, boxes, other systems. Still a long way to go, but like Ontic, I'm enjoying bikes more. I've got some mates needling me to crank up the old grey matter and shake out some funds to get things happening, so maybe I'll do more to her soon. Maybe I should organise a Sydney-based boat trip down the river for the ADV mob?

Yes... I'm going to be super careful with the knee. I won't be going into Laos again this trip (unless a mate is driving in and wants a passenger). The plan is to attend the wedding and to concentrate on building leg strength. If I feel at all uncomfortable riding, I'll be going via tuk tuk. I've got a pool here that I could be using... about the same distance away, but here its impossible to get to. There... its a dollar.

Off to see the ortho in a couple of hours. Looking forward to that.
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