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stayed in Gray LA, just outside Houma last night. got on the road this morning, 24N to the 20N to the 1 north. highly recommend the 1 all the way into Baton Rouge. it's back road one lane the entire way, small towns, but mostly southern style houses with real large yards and trees, some mansions and plantations. lots of French colonial style, many with pillars and front porches, kept saying "wow look at that one" to each other. went on for about 80 miles, really enjoyed that part of the ride today. one thing that really stood out was even in very small towns there were huge churches, some within just a mile or two of each other, I know it's the Bible Belt, but gotta wonder who paid for those things, they are beautiful.

we took the 1 into west Baton Rouge, and got caught up in some heavy traffic, and of course went the wrong way for about five miles, so got to enjoy the traffic twice. a guy on a v-max pulled up to us and started a conversation at stop lights. he saw the AK stickers on our bike and he was from AK, he wanted to help us plan our ride, all in traffic at stop lights, one of the weird things that happens on these rides. he was nice and meant well, but after looking at the map if we would have listened to him we wouldn't have got were we wanted to go (Bless his heart). Our destination for today was the Natchez Trace Parkway. we took the 61 N into Mississippi and into Natchez. the pky. goes all the way through MS and into TN. we did about 80 miles of it today and stopped in Vicksburg. it was just what I'd hoped for, one lane cut through a forrest, absolutely beautiful!

at points the trees form a canopy over your head and almost block out the sun, it's really nice and would even make a hot summer ride enjoyable. we got off the PKY to end the day in Vicksburg. we'll pick it up again tomorrow. our battery on the camera is dying, so we'll also search for one of those tomorrow.

getting ready to post on this site tonight made me think how times have changed on rides, it's now pretty high tech. even though I'm not, all these cords are part of what we took on this trip, to charge the phone, the camera, the Ipad, the Ipad keyboard, to transfer pict's to the Ipad, and the kindle.

that made me think of some of the other stuff that we use, liken the GPS.

about six months before this ride I invested in a Russell all day seat, it was worth every penny.

some other highlights of the day; great smells, not sure what the plant is but it smells like jasmine and it's all over the place, especially on the Natchez Trace, magnificent estates, Bayous, fried catfish, the lack of foreign cars, not that they're not here because they are but just not many compared to So Cal. went all day before I saw a Mercedes, and that was only one all day. American trucks rule in the south. same with the bikes, Harley's everywhere, it's unusual to see another foreign bike. tonight in Mississippi, will probably end up in AL tomorrow.
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