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Proximity alarm

I for one think a proximity alert is a great idea. A new thread would be best to delve into it.

Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
Iím still pretty serious about building a device that would automatically warn both the slower vehicle ahead and the faster vehicle coming up from behind about the impending pass (via a super loud beeper on each race vehicle). This would give the guy ahead the knowledge that something is coming up from behind, and give some time to find a safe place to move over. And the faster guy behind would know a race vehicle was up ahead even if he doesnít see it. This doesnít completely solve the dangerous driver problem, but it could significantly lessen the risk since the guy ahead would know something is coming, and have time to move over.

Whatís holding me back is that the idea of such a warning device doesnít seem to interest enough of the decision makers. It would also add some cost to the event, maybe $50 to $100 rental fee per vehicle per race (with many additional useful features besides the pass warning). As always, Iím interested in feedback on this concept.
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