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When it comes to "good" foot wear for harsh environments I gauge the quality of the protection with the stiffness level of walking in them. I expect a high level of protection when the boot feels similar to walking in a ski boot. The more flexible the boot, the less it will protect your foot, shins, and ankles from piercing, grinding, twisting, flexing, and crushing. Given that, I still wear a flexible trials boot for trials, a stiff boot for motocross and single track, and an even more flexible road racing boot for track days. A good work boot is somewhere between the trials boot and road racing boot shy the plastic sliders. I wear steel toe red wings to ride and wear to work that also happen to be a qualified safety shoe even though I bought them advertised as a motorcycle boot. I've also used standard hiking boots as everyday riding and walking footwear. ANYTHING boot wise is better than tennis shoes or dress shoes which I see plenty of people wearing when commuting. I guess one point to be made is, there is a reason MotoGP guys don't wear motocross boots and vice versa.

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