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Originally Posted by hscrugby View Post
I stand corrected.
While my bike was trying to do an impression of a forest fire, (I wrapped the exhaust, and that Shit smoked something fierce at first) I met two guys that are riding from 15 minutes or so North of WF to the Virginia border via power lines.

I mentioned some guys were talking about it on pigs, they laughed. Said 450 s were awful heavy to pick up from the mud along the route. He said they usually start riding by nine or so, and ride until dark.
If I can get free I'm going to tag along on Saturday, and plot it via gps
Much appreciated. I'd like to get that track from you, or better yet, we plan a little lite weight DS ride on it sometime.

Hate I missed you Boss, but really wasn't looking for anybody. Did you bring up your vintage iron?
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