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Originally Posted by Head2Wind View Post
Physically the 950 and 990 very similar as far as the blanking plates and intake manifold interfaces. The differences are how the air injection and captive evap systems are turned on/off. The 950 uses vacuum actuated valves controlled by intake manifold signal, where the 990 uses electro actuated valves controlled by the ECM. The 950 ECM doesn't pay attention to the vacuum systems, so disconnecting and eliminating it doesn't throw any system errors. The 990 SAS and evap system valves are controlled by the ECM and the ECM will throw error codes if the valves are removed..... So there are two options for modifying the SAS and evap systems..

1. leave the valves attached to the wire harness but remove the hoses and blank the heads and manifolds with the standard SAS blank plates and 6mm bolts.
2. Do the first option blanking/plugging but also cut the 2 SAS and Evap wire harnesses just short of the plug and solder in 2.2k ohm resistors between the two wires. This fakes the ECM into thinking that the electro valve is still present in the system and therefore does not know that it really is just a resistor.
When you say 'valves' can you tell me where they are? I fell a little dumb when operating on an unfamiliar bike. I`m sure that wont last long.
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