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With Jupiter now in the lead, we went deep into various passes, the names, like those of the guys we met at brekkie etc, I have not remembered.
®©errie, Dozer and I followed him. He had also swopped bikes for a while with ®©errie as he felt his bike was not performing as it should.

Some real beauty spots, or Zen Spots as Jupiter calls them presented for the next few hours.
I love water, so any dam, river, ocean etc does it for me.

I can see Dozer smiling..... amazing what a bit of dirt will do to the most serious of guys.

Then came a really nice climb, bendy steep roads with sheer drops down one side and nowhere to go up the cliffs on the other side.
Time to keep alert as car and truck drivers seem to own all the width of these roads.

Just perfect.

We rode for some time, enjoying the quiet, nature and the blue skies.
Getting to a sudden sharp turn down a hill, turning back on yourself up to Spitskop viewing point, one of the highest points in these mountains, where, on a good day you can see forever.

Jupiter turning go up the hill, the "road" tracks had been filled with rough cast concrete in places, to prevent the errosion that is caused by rain and weather from turning these tracks into trenches.

With typical enthusiasm, Dozer had gone flying past, so he needed to make a U-Turn on the slope of the road, the pics are slightly deceptive as many of you will know, one cannot capture slopes or just gow rutted a track is on a camera.

Then up he went as well....

The last kilometer is a sligthly slower, watch out what you do type of ride as it is steep, and narrow in places, with the road twisting and turning up on itself.
But the view when you get to the perfectly maintained viewpoint, is worth the 7 passes to get to.

Of course a self portrait featuring ®©errie, Jupiter, Grizz and Dozer.

The view is spectacular from up there.

Of course there has to be a clown....

At some point it had to end, so we got started and decended from our throne in the clouds.
I love the Fynbos of this area, and again, the camera does not do the beauty of thse shrubs and bushes any justice.
I wish Nicola could have been there, she is a keen gardener, and love to go to the Chelsea Flower Show every year, this would have been just perfect for her.

We then rode for quite some time, many more bends, hills, surprises and eventually stopped at a bridge again, where Jupiter showed us the plaque to the memory of one of the greatest engineers ever.
Thomas Bain - He built the passes in the region, without which much of this area would never have been developed.

More in a bit.... coffee time now.
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