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Right... charged up again.
Amazing what a cuppa coffee can do.
After the biltong and smoke break at the river and bridge (Jupiter and Dozer's stops are driven by their nicotine levels) we carried on, upward and onward.

Till we got to this point..... Lovely.
Deon got some really nice pictures here, and at some of the other places we were on this trip, unfortunately I forgot to get them onto a memory stick before leaving SA, so they will be added later when they get here in the post (he bought a memory stick and posted them out last week, Thanks Boet)

The road dropped away and ended up here.....
Jupiter was already camped out under the tree with his first ciggie lit and coffee ordered.

Inside the shop we found one of Jupiters relatives..... she is standing on a box, to give you an idea of just how small she is.
The shop is the sort of place people try to replicate in Garden and Home magazine, or what reminds us of times in farm shops growing up.

And then we were off again.....
Cliffs rising above us the one moment, the next, the ground falling away by hundreds of feet..... not that I even want to try a two foot drop.... crashing is always kark !!
Jupiter and Dozer giving it horns..... really getting into it, only thing is one soon realizes there are still idiots on the road, like a certain youung lady who came charging around a bend, taking up the whole road, and almost taking them both out, as well as a dickhead in a white VW Kombi who seemed to purposefully go for Dozer and I on one of the decents.

At one point I just had to stop again to just take in the majesty of everything around me.
I switched off the bike, took off my helmet, hearing Jupiter and Deon disappear into the distance of the cliffs.... then, suddenly the silence, punctuated by bird calls and the pinging of The Whale's brakes and engine cooling down.
I just took one random pic of some Proteas for my wife, as I will always associate them with her, as she had surprised me with Proteas as her Bridal Bouquet when we got married.
This woman is always filled with surprises and can be so considderate in the stuff she does for me and others.
At that point, I really wished to have her there, just to share my South Africa with her.

I think hers were a lot better on the day....

Also note her surprise "Wedding Car" again, a nod at my "Redneck" nature.
Who would not love a woman like that ?
The same girl who had decided to send me on this trip with my brother.

Ultimately I woke from my reverie and got started up again, pushing the old bike a bit, thoroughly enjoying the feel of the dirt under its wheels.
Catching up with Jupiter and Dozer where they had stopped for another fag break.

Then followed a bit of boring tar connecting road to get onto the next section of dirt, heading toward Baviaans Kloof where I had booked us in at Uitspan Guest farm.
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