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Originally Posted by ChildlikeWonder View Post
Nah, they have plenty of 2013s for sale. 1 - he gave me a good deal on this one, 2 - I want to ride with a coworker who likes to go to remote places and I felt water cooling would be a liability.
Shhhhhh...Don't say that to loud around my Super Enduro. She get's a little frisky and likes to toss me off when her feelings get hurt.

Nice looking scoot man.

Originally Posted by poondangle View Post
Go to Morton's in Fredericksburg. Much better experience to be had there.
Ah yes, the mighty Morton's. They still do there big rider days up there?

Just for reference, in Virginia alone I have lived in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Va Beach, Charlottesville, Madison, Culpeper, and Ruckersville. Madison county has some great roads on the north side of 29. Anybody been over the Blakey fire road? Extremely entertaining after a rain and covered with leaves.
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