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Is Volkman the guy with the badass rallied out blue and yellow Husaberg? He had a mechanical very early day 1 and then continued on his back up bike? If so if anyone knows how to reach him please PM me. My co rider went off the edge of the course day 2 ss1 and that guy stopped for 20 minutes to help us drag the bike, it was a seemingly impossible task, but with his help, hermanos Gomez, and a guy named Brandon we were able to get it done. If anyone knows Brandon I'd love his email too. We would not have been able to get back on track were it not for the precious time and effort that they spared. I am very grateful for their efforts and was not able to properly thank them.

And in terms of Jimmys crash, I rolled thru that scene as well, after he passed, the earlier poster that mentioned that it was a long slow section with a lot of visibility was correct. I am not judging or blaming the driver, but it seemed to me to that it was a weird place to be on top of a rider, it was a slow section with lots of large round rocks, and it got wider just after the accident. My guess as I stood and analyzed the site was that they may have been on his ass and prepping to pass on the left where it widened up. I have given up on trying to make sense of it.

My partners ride off the cliff slowed us down quite a bit that day, I rode the rest of the day after fucking around and losing 90 minutes or more. As such I was passed my many four wheelers, and in contrast to the complaints I found them to be polite and they gave me lots of room. And the sirens helped a lot, if I ran the race I would require them. This includes the guys that nerfed poor Jimmy.

This was my first ever off road race. I felt it was pretty safe (for what it is) from my experience on the course. But I have nothing to compare it to. My partner was having trouble and the Herbst guys (race winner and guys with chopper) saw he was struggling and pulled next to him to check and see if he was ok...

My $.02 is the problem is not the fast 4 wheelers, but the less experienced cagers. I was pretty amped to do this again next year. If they start the "slow" guys behind the trucks I'll probably take a pass as I feel that will cause more problems than it solves.

It's a shame Jimmys accident happened, it's a black cloud over what to me was a great event overall. My heart breaks for his family.

Again if anyone has contact info for Brandon riding a Honda 450 or the guy with the two Husabergs please PM me. Their actions assisting us were stand up and true to what club racing is all about.
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