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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
They sure are...

I find it hard to believe this guy only got three years since eyewitness accounts disputed his testimony...
Cops take their jobs seriously - coerce compliance with the law with force of their own. They are not subject to the law themselves, generally. And judges find it hard to sentance them because of how they have each others' backs and how they put their lives on the line to keep the people safe, i.e., revenue coming in. I see cops breaking the traffic rules all the time. Who is going to give them a ticket? And besides, they're "trained" to be competent drivers (not that we'd train ALL drivers to be competent and save a potential of fifty thousand lives per year - life is not nearly as precious as people pretend it to be in order to further their cause).

Cop in Orange county hides down below and paralell to the edge of a bridge, in view of a stretch of clear road on the edge of a tiny town where somewhat randomly placed about threee hundred yards up is a speed limit 45 sign where the 25 through town ends. Well, apparently a lot of people think like I do, that if the sign is imminent and there are no potential threats, it's okay to speed up. Well this cop, a deputy of all things, takes off like Bo Duke, undoubtedly loving the fact that he makes the rest of us pay for his tires and car. When he reaches the stop sign at the edge of the road from the adjacent road he's been hiding on, he's already doing about 40mph - he "looks" back toward across the bridge but it would be impossible for him to stop. His tires chirp and the car jumps a little sideways as the transmission shifts... meanwhile, the lucky driver of the car he's chasing is now over the crest of a hill about a hundred yards past the 45 sign and has no clue what's about to happen. But this cop has it floored going up the slight grade and dips over the top at 85 to 95 mph, engine roar resounding throughout the river basin. He is truly having fun at our expense and danger, and all in the name of doing his job. And the people don't dare band together to protest this dangerous and underhanded "policing". Anyone with even half a functioning brain could recognize that the guys who hit 45 or 50 ahead of the sign are a much smaller potential danger than a cop blasting through a stop sign at 40 and doing upwards of 75 in that same zone before sailing over the top of the rise at that enormous speed. All for what, a couple hundred dollars each instance? I am sorry to say, but we are idiots.
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