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Juniper Mtn-Bull Basin

Remote:4. Far removed in connection or relevance: a cause remote from everyday concerns." (per And so it was!

It's been late March since I've been able to get a TW ride scheduled. All my time in April and the first part of May has been spent horsing around (Mule Style), saddle riding and on a wagon train.

Well, this past weekend brought a new "TWist" into the wagon train, a shower trailer & re-supply mission. I wasn't able participate on this 9 day wagon train, but I did have the weekend available to re-supply and bring the "hunt'in camp" shower trailer for all the participants to use. However, I got excited when my wife suggested we bring our more modern overland travel equipment!

Now, this is not our usual way of taking the TW & ATV, but it worked.

If not overloaded with 2,000 pounds of water, TW, ATV, and camper on truck, it sure looked like "the Clampett's go camping"!

After a 3 hours we arrive at camp.

After setting up the shower trailer, my wife and I decided to head for the hills for a short ride before it got dark.

Our destination for the evening ride would be Juniper Mtn for the views and to find a cache.

Rode past this cool lookin cabin on the way up to Juniper. Appears to be occupied too!

Made it too an overlook near the cache. Windy and chilly, but great views. Remote!

and my wife finds the cache

Day 2 After finding the cache, we headed back to camp having not made it all the way to Juniper Mtn. About a mile short. So the next day we head back in that direction. Found this tower at the top of Juniper Mtn.

With several more hours to go before we have to head back to camp, hookup the trailer and go home, we decide to head to Bull Basin. Remote!

Here we are riding through the Juniper's on Juniper Mtn!!

After the Tiddie Springs mud puddle's, I imagine my wife was disappointed by this water crossing. Still great riding though.

Starting to descend off Juniper Mtn into Bull Basin. Remote!

Guess this jeep trail could be described as the "jeep trail-less traveled"!

We finally arrive at Bull Basin Camp. Lots of history here too. Additional info from Bull Basin Geocache (One of the more colorful residents of Bull Basin was a Norwegian immigrant named Oley Skamfer who was known for his smelly homemade corned beef. He worked both Bull Basin and Crutcher Crossing for the owners from approximately 1920 till he died in 1954. Oley was well known in the area and became one of Jordan Valley’s famous “characters”. The remains of some of the very old structures including a log cabin could be seen as recently as 2005 but are now gone. Besides the corral the only structure now at the site is a more recent small bunkhouse.)

The newer bunkhouse at Bull Basin Camp. As mention in the link above, we could no longer find the old log cabin. We respected the No Trespassing signs and took the photo's from outside of the corrals.

Though I couln't tell it at the time, the door to the cabin had been left open. If we would have seen that, we would have gone and closed the door. Guess that's the price of posting No Trespassing signs eh?

Juniper Tree cemetery. Lots of burnt Juniper's from a hugh wildland fire about 5 years ago.

While headed back to camp, from Juniper Mtn we can see South Mtn in the distance with some snow still visible on the south facing slope.

Zoomed in!

This is all of the photo's we took and had an excellent trip. One thing we had not anticipated on the ride was just how remote this area is. Except for at camp, we did not see one single person the whole time...and that was fine by us! Very very remote.
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