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Originally Posted by dsc522758 View Post
Any other 12v fused source not mentioned in the documentation? That 12v wire coming from the rotary is a bit short to get anywhere. You mentioned the horn circuit. The horn switch won't work will it?
The horn circuit may work, the switch will not as it is momentary on. What type of bike is it? Which model lights?

Originally Posted by dsc522758 View Post
Since I am trying to wire with highbeam bypass do I need to go by some wire at Radio Shack and some type of spade connectors and run a hot to a relay of some sort from the battery hot and then run from relay to 12v marked on the rotary switch? I guess ground works the same. Bike is in pieces in the garage until I get this figured out.
Switched fused power is recommended. Your description of the relay will work.

Originally Posted by dsc522758 View Post
Relay also? 44 divided by 12.5 = 3.52 x 1.25=4.4 10A inline fuse I guess?
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