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Originally Posted by MotoTex View Post
I chose the HB kit because my Caribou Cases on the 950 mount to HB. Haven't put the cases on the Tiger yet, but I was impressed with how durable the HB mounts were on the KTM after several test tip-overs with and without bags.

The HB mounts on the Tiger have the quick-release feature, which I may never use other than quick removal for bike maintenance access. I like having them there for added protection and might even come in handy as a defense against wayward minivans in parking lots. (glad to see you got everything resolved and are back into a new bike!)

In the two years of using the Caribou/HB setup on the KTM I am left impressed with the design of both the HB and Caribou Cases side of things. The Caribou case/mount clamp is a break-away design that is easily replaced, though I have never broken one. Should the need arise this should prevent undue stress to the case or the mount in a moving fall. I carry a spare when touring, just in case. The design prevents getting into one of those bungee/duct tape solutions to pannier mounting after an incident.

Once I get around to carrying the bags out and installing them I'll snap some shots. At the moment I'm recovering from some knee reconstruction and though I am riding again, I'm not quite up to easily carrying much stuff from the house to the bike.
Break-away setups are good.
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