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OK, I have let this go long enough and it's time that I get my photos posted before 4Play gets on me.............

The reality is, I have most all the same photos that you have all seen already so I will not post them, but I have a few.

It was really a great ride in Moab and the trails were a blast. Slick Rock was so different than what I imagined it could be. The severe off camber and the steepness was a huge surprise to me. Once I was able to get comfortable riding this I started having a blast. Up until this point, I was extremely uncomfortable............. It's amazing how well the front brake works on the KTM and the need for this front brake when you are descending the steep trails. You could literally lift the rear tire up at will if you wanted to and the front tire would also come up quickly when climbing. What a great trail to ride and the scenery was incredible.

Here is a shot of what I was looking at toward the beginning. It's definitely steeper than what it looks. It was one steep MOFO

Yardstiick on Slick Rock

Followed by Slowred

Group shot at a site seeing view

4Play with Yardstick in the background at a resting point. This lookout was incredible

Bucket Boy getting turned around and ready to keep riding at this lookout

4Play and Slowred having fun here and providing us all with a laugh. Check out the goggles pulled back over the neck brace. I wish there was a sound clip to this one.

What a view.........the scenery was just amazing. You could literally take a thousand shots a day and still be in awe......

Off the to TOW we were watching Slowred and Bucket Boy on the Rose Garden Hill, look close you will see them and I am zoomed in on this shot.

I was watching the two of them wrestle the bikes up the hill and when I turned around to talk to Yardstick and 4Play, this is what they were doing

A couple of action shots of Yardstick heading up the hill, it was one hell of a climb. And off he goes.............

4Play and I headed the other direction and the views we saw riding down Onion Canyon were awesome. Here is 4Play taking it all in resting in the shade

Here is the crew on the second day taking photos

Yardstick was working on the balancing act and 4Play was getting a laugh out of it.

After making a trip to Chicken Corners we all blasted back the hot and dusty trail for Kane Creek. The creek trail was a lot of fun and the temps were much cooler splashing through the water. We were all having a great time on this section. There were so many photo ops that were missed with great wheelies through and over the water to side hill climbs with small jumps to the bottom. Here are a couple of shots that I did get.

Slowred followed by Yardstick. I was standing in this hole snapping the photos and I don't think either one of them saw me at first.

a few shots of 4Play and Yardstick coming down the quad ramps

And one last photo of the day. Here is Slowred making his was up the small hill. It was time for ice cream

This was an incredible trip although it was a short one. I want to thank Bucket Boy (Forest) for leading the way and being our tour guide

Get well soon Slowred there is still alot of "prime" riding to do this year.
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