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Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
1. The Tiger does not have a subframe. If it did, you just change the bent part each time you bend it. It is a single unit, from the front where it holds the fairing, lights and instrument cluster all the way to the back. One single welded on piece and when one part of it gets bent, the entire thing needs to be changed.
2. Yes, the passenger pegs are a problem, usually the first thing to hit the ground.
3. Hardware on the back does not protect the frame. It would need to deform instead of transferring the impact to the frame. The harder it is, the more of the impact it transfers to the frame. Soft bags crumple, they are good that way.
4. But I agree, because of number 2 above, you are f&*#ed either way. And as a matter of fact, some of the racks attach directly to the passenger pegs, which may or may not offer a lever effect to help bend it more easily.
Lol you just reminded me of my wife...she speaks in number references

Yes, us owners are painfully aware of the welded frame..I use the term being it immediately describes the location.
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