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Originally Posted by JDowns View Post
When I last left off I was heading back home to Nebraska:


Turning off the freeway at North Platte and heading the last 150 miles through the Sandhills I left behind the frenetic freeway and slowed down through the backroads lined at first with rows of newly emerging pale green. What a change from Colombia and Arizona. I stopped to take this picture and there was no traffic, no people, no sounds except the wind blowing across the prairie:

Nobody much lives out here. Climbing out of the Platte River valley there is nothing but miles and miles of rolling grassy sand dunes and lakes. It was snowing last week so the landscape is still rather tawny. Nobody lives out here so it is peaceful and quiet. Springtime is just starting to green up the edges of the road with the first signs of green grass:

This was my greeting committee as I neared Bassett:

and the sun slowly set on another great adventure:

It was much less euphoric arriving at my house this trip. I remember making it back from Panama a couple years ago on the Sherpa in the freezing cold and I was hootin' in my helmet as I made it back safely after an 11,000 mile trip. This time I was pulling up in a pickup and it was still satisfying, but in a different way.

The house was still standing. I turned on the water in the basement and as the drained water heater and toilets filled with water the plumbing all worked and nothing blew. Always a good thing. It was the weekend and I had to wait until Monday to get the electricity turned on. But that is never a problem. I ran an extension cord over from the neighbors so I could charge the laptop and have some lights. I fired up the wood stove and soon had the house heated up to the 90's like it was in Arizona when I left. It was 30 degrees out the next morning. Pretty chilly for May in Nebraska but that weather system has passed and it's back up in the 40's at night now.

On Monday, I mowed the lawn and took care of all the things one has to attend to after being gone for 7 months. Picked up my mail. I don't get much mail thank goodness so the pile was only about a foot high. There was nothing much of import except a credit card to replace the expired one that I last used to pay for the deposit on the bike to get into Mexico. And my property tax bill which is only 80 bucks every six months. Everything else was junk mail or credit card statements.

Being one of the few contractors in town means that everyone I see at the grocery store, post office or walking around town has something they need done.

But before I get sidetracked with work I think I'll head down and visit Throttlemeister and head over to the SLAP rally in Arkansas next week. I had so much fun at the Zombie Apocalypse Training Camp last October, it would be a shame not to go visit the ADVrider crowd.

I'll be taking my camera and update this thread next week.

In the meantime I have been rather busy as one is when they return from a long foray vagabonding around the world.

Sandhills John
Hi John,

I am still following along and enjoy every post of yours.
Nebraska looks so peaceful, I can see myself stopping somewhere on those roads, listening to the grass growing and taking a nap.

I am glad your home is still standing must be a good feeling coming back to a mortgage free home.
As my home is sold and I will be homeless in few months, am trying to find such a home myself low cost and maintenance - so I can save and take off few months every year. Since I'll still need to work likely until I retire, I have my mind set on near Raleigh area NC -Fuquay-Varina or other near by towns - seem to have some decent housing prices. Might even meet few ADV riders in the area hopefully.

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