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@AteamNM - One of our reps came into my office and the following conversation happened:
R: "There's a gentleman on the phone that's asking for a... Utah?
G: "Oh, he's from ADVrider. He's cool -- he's talking about the Oregon"
R: "Do I tell him that?"
G: "I get the impression he's joking around, but I'm not sure. There's no font for that!"

Now we know!

@thetable - We really appreciate our customers, both new and seasoned vets. Thank you!

@mint - I'm not sure yet, we've picked up and put down the Drift a few times. Given the refresh cycles of these products, I think it'll be Fall before we make a decision on whether it offers more bang for our customers' buck. We may see some surprises this fall in the action cam market.

@dep - Those gimble mounts are COOL. Some of the guys here have them stuck to their desks so they don't spill coffee.

@GS - Thank you! The SE's are going to be shipping shortly and we're eager to try them out. Feel free to shoot me a PM and I can put a little ADV love towards a preorder.

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