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Originally Posted by Ayrshire Bull View Post

Hey there Mac-a-Dee

Let us know if those puppies are noisy when rolling - or transmit much of a humm to the handlebars please ...... they look like a nice blend of on/off

..... and there's more .....

I'd also be interested to hear how the Kruz locker is - specifically ease of use in real world situations. I used to have a throttle lock on my flr, and it was one of those things that was perfect in theoretical design, but somewhat tricky to use in the moment.

good to see you're still enjoying the life out of that scoot,

ride safe - Mr Bull
Some noise yes, but much much less than the TKC-80s they replaced...

I replaced the Kaoko throttle lock that the previous owner had installed. I never got used to how it worked. It seemed like I was always futzing with it. In the short time I've used the Kruz Locker, I'm loving how it works. The 1/4 turn on and off is so much easier to use. So far, I'm very happy with it...
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