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Originally Posted by I.Will.Ride.On.Mars View Post
Hi Witold,

Thanks for your post. I've read a number of your RR and you take really great pics!

You're right, I am going slowly, perhaps slower than most. I should just go. I have excuses not to go, or to wait or whatever, they don't really matter. I'll just keep moving forward and onward and go when I can.

You are also correct again in saying that it'd be silly to miss a big attraction because it's beyond my daily budget. I'll go and see them generally. Which ties into what Pecha72 says - don't plan too much and find a good balance. Thank you both for your comment.
No worries. I know the feeling. But you will regret spending all this time planning and preparing instead of riding. Time is valuable, too. You will find that all this planning wasn't that useful when you're actually doing the trip. Trying to figure out details from 3,000 miles away is much, much harder than trying to figure out your options when you're on the ground. Most things end up being very easy to do when you're there, plus you can learn of options you didn't even know existed. Some things may cause you a few days of delay, but that's usually as bad as it gets.

Also, in regards to Manali-Leh, it depends on snowfall. Sometimes, it opens early April and closes late October. It depends on how much snow they need to clear after winter, and when the first big snow storm covers the road for good in October. A bigger consideration would be monsoon season. Once it hits, it will rain often and a lot when you cross South of Rhotang Pass.
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