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I'd be interested at some point when the cash flow catches back up to the purchasing.. lol.

I've had fox, ohlins and penske on bikes in the past (mostly road racing) but know what good suspension does for any bike. My 950 SE came with SPS suspension on it, but I haven't spent any time working on dialing it in. Some say it's good, some say it's not, my problem is I ride mine mostly off road if I have the options. On my 450 there's a local shop (KTM World/Highland Park) that's pretty well known for the little bike suspension setup. I've got their "works" package on my XC and it's nice.. would like to have something similar for the 950. The last hare scramble I did out there I rode the 950- I know I was bottoming a lot during the race. The part of the loop around the MX track wasn't kind to big orange.

related to Ohlins, I know a couple of guys up there (joey S mostly) and live fairly close (ok 2 hours or so but still it's no problem to plan a trip up there, some nice roads around there!) so if they need a "mule" or something similar I'd be glad to work with them on it..

lastly, I've seen the 320mm suspension that someone offers for the 9x0 bikes, what is the travel on the 950 stock vs what we might be looking at with the Ohlins?

I'm assuming it's the fork internals and a replacement rear shock? A lot of my friends are running the ohlins internals in their road race bikes and are very happy with them.
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