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So, I usually take a lot of photos on trips, but I was having so much fun riding that I didn't take my camera out very often. The rally was better than I had hoped. Hats off to Dean and the rest of the gang that make this happen every year. Really amazing.

Great ride up via Berryessa-Knoxville, Rayhouse Road, Walker's Ridge, Bear Creek, etc. with Bert (bignastybrp) and Wendy on Friday; 140 mile loop to Stonyford and back with Bert & Wendy and Paul (Justpaul) & Jill on Saturday; Signal Peak and 18n35 with Jon (Goldentaco) on Sunday, home via M1, French Ridge, Bartlett Springs, Bear Valley, Berryessa-Knoxville, also with Goldentaco. In the rain. Over 700 miles riding with people I had never met before. Great fun, great people.

My only regret is that I didn't get to meet as many people as I would have liked to. I wanted to be able to put real names and faces names with all the Avatars, but I fell somewhat short. Still, I did get to know a few of you, and hope to see some again before next year's rally. Staying over Sunday night was great. Only a few of us in camp, but it was great to sit around the campfire in a small, chill group.

I'm still working on some video I shot, but here are the photos.

Bert (bignastybrp) and Wendy at the Lake Knoxville spillway

Bert and Wendy en route to Fuller Grove

Far south end of camp

In case you forgot where you were

My favorite camping setup (not mine)

Jon (Goldentaco) and John from San Francisco(??)

Bert in the kitchen

Mike in the kitchen

End of the road for me and Goldentaco on a side track on the way to Sanhedrin

Jon (Goldentaco) en route to Sanhedrin Mountain (Big Signal Peak)

View looking west from Signal Peak

Top of the Hill

Goldentaco(left) and Leo_jb(right) on Signal Peak

The brave few on Monday

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