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Leaving the farm, I noted that Nico had a collection of old car shells, farm implements etc parked along the fence and roadside.
That made me smile..... kindred spirit ?

We crossed many little streams like this, some a bit deeper a couple dried out already after the recent rains.

These roads carry reasonably little traffic, and most of it is of the 4x4 or pickup truck and bus type.

However, again I was reminded that we were not in the city....

After quite a distance, including a stop for Jupiter to show us where he had fallen himself stupid on a blind rise, combined with a bend where the road just disappeared (Not something you want to happen when you are in top gear, giving it some stick) we came to the entry gate to the Baviaans Nature reserve.

Entry was R60 for the three of us, translating to under 5 for all three together.

They have a system of clocking you in and out of the camp, so as to know when to go look for people who do not make it, or have breakdowns and accidents,

The game ranger told us the rivers were still quite high, and to be careful as some Non-Locals had the habit of spinning up the river crossings, thus dislodging rocks in the crossings, making motorbike crossings more tricky.

So we carried on riding, and eventually got to our first river crossing for the day.

Jupiter in the lead, went through.... no problems.

The Dozer went through..... SITTING FLAT ON HIS ARSE :eek7:

Water over the pots of his 1150GS.... No problems

Then it was the turn of The Whale.

Onto the foot pegs and straight through..... I could feel the rocks play at the front wheel, and just prayed that I did not fall over, or more importantly, that the bike did not die on me.... No Problems , pheww!!

We then set off on the road again and a short while later Jupiter pulled over.... quick for a smoke break I thought.

OOOOPPS..... nope, Bike was dead. It had just died.

Fortunately we had our break down right at the most randomly placed caravan shop ever......

While stationary, there were a couple of these roadworks tractors... and I have to say, their road manners were exemplary, slowing right down when passing us, so as not to cover us in road dust. Thanks Guys.

Between the three of us we tried to get Gerard's bike to fire up again, multiple false starts followed over the next few hours.

Remember my comment about having breakfast early vs a lazy start ??

Dozer Magic on the CDI

Not much protection under there then ehhhh ?

What went through the mind of the modifier when he decided to remove all the weather protection from under the seat??

In and out went the components.

And here is the other weird coincidence......

Eventually we all needed the toilet, too much eating the night before and a big breakfast 6hrs before would help.

So what are the chances of finding an open air toilet, with running water flushing system ??

Pretty slim I would say, till you break down in the middle of nowhere.

So after a few hours, Dozer opened his one side pannier... remember the one with the story books and tools ?
And he pulled a moerse long piece of nylon rope from the pannier.

Jupiter looped it around his left hand footpeg, and they were of........ until they hit the same river as before.

Just as we got there, a couple in a 4x4 from KZN got thre, they actualy told us we should not go through the river..... hmmmm ?

Been there, did it, now towing bike.

Anyway, before you could say AbraCadabra, I had the Whale into the river, and of course the coule in the bakkie took some photos.

Dozer was next into the shallow end.

Followed by a dejected Jupiter, pushing his bike through.

I dropped my jacket and electrical goodies and walked in to help him push it through.

I then walked back again to pass our email details to the couple in the bakkie to send me the pics.

By the time I was back on my bike Deon and Jupiter were long gone, stopping at Sandvlakte where the farmer agreed to store his bike till he could recover it, or till he, the farmer went to the coast again, in which case he would take the stricken bike along for Gerard to collect.

Interestingly, with my number plate collecting, I was surprised to see this lot on the farm.

Once Gerard had transferred his stuff to Deon's 1150GS, Deon suggested that he ride pillion and Jupiter ride his bike, as he was used to riding with his wife on these roads.

Loaded and ready to go......

From here it was all the way back the way we had come the previous day, riding to Willowmore on this dirt road...... Jupiter did nit spare the horses and I had to maintain 120km/h just to keep up with them.

Port Elizabeth and Jupiters home was our destination, a looong way to go.

Willowmore offered many quaint looks into rural living in the Karoo.

Note the signs.

Next after filling fuel and oil, we went to a local coffee shop to use the toilets and drink a quick coffee.

After coffee it was onto the weirdest road ever.

A single concrete strip, where both parties yielded when meeting, and dropping one side onto the dirt and keeping on side on the concrete.

The road was incredibly straight and boring.

About 70km from Port Elizabeth, my back gave in for the first time in my life of riding, forcing me to stop and take a cocktail of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen..... Deon told me he would be buying me a kidney belt the next day.

Eventually, and hour after dark, we made it to Jupiters place.

Coffee, chat, and then off to bed......

Guess where I ended up sleeping ????

Day 7 to follow tomorrow or the next day.
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