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Hey now, lets not knock BMW down. It is an awesome machine and it is the Mother of ADV riding, all come after it!
I have a 2012 R1200 ADV with 8k miles on it. It has been perfect, except from when I got water in the engine crossing a shallow river fast. In fact, that is my only Turn off about the GS. I hope KTM will not have the Air intact problem... In fact, where is the Air intake on 1190?? Did BMW change the location on the new GS??
With that said, I have been riding in places that people on smaller dirt bikes had asked me : "How did you get this big bike here?"
No a pro but I have been in love with offroad riding, and learning as much as possible since I bought the GSA, in addition of long trips.
I am not sure what the new GS is like, choose not to test drive one yet until the KTM 1190 is available in USA.
Love the look of the 1190R, I think it looks better than the GS... Looking forward to see what the new 2014 BMW GSA will look like. In fact, when the new GSA arrive, it is when I will test drive both.
More likelly buy a 1190 R, just for the fun of having something different. On my 30 years of riding, I have and riding just about every brand out there. I went from a Pirate outfit (Harleys) to my present Power Ranger ones (BMW) :) So, not a brand fanatic, just love motorcycles, all of them. If my wife would let me, I would have at the leat 3 in the guarage...
So... in short, I can't wait to test drive the 1190 R !! Very excited about it!! But will not buy it until I take the 2014 GSA for a spin...
from Nashville.
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