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I like to have comfy boots on because I walk trails and look around the places along the way. With a size 14 foot I am limited, the usual mild DS boots don't go that big. I tried touring in MX boots like the flexible Tech 3 and still thought they were too much for all day use on trips.

So, I usually pavement tour using Sidi on roads or Red Wing lace up riding boots. I wrecked on pavement wearing the Red Wings and they held up better than I expected. The leather did not wear through and I kept wearing the boots another year. A thick leather work boot does off more protection than many so called motorcycle boots. The on roads from Sidi are excellent, but they are hot and really give very little extra protection over my work boots.

Unless you go with a stiff reinforced motorcycle boot with actual protective value beyond abrasion, there is no advantage over a comfortable well stitched thick leather work boot. Red Wing and others that have US made boots are pretty tough. The cheaper Red Wings from china are not any more protective than running shoes. So, look for a heavy well made work boot. I like the black 9" lace ups from Red Wing. They are water resistant, the full goretex versions are expensive though. I paid $249 for my last pair of Red Wings, but they are comfy and are thick heavy water proof all leather boots. I've tried other brands and they didn't hold up like the Wings.

But, if you want protection, go with a nice sidi DS boot or such if you have average feet.. BUT, you can't do that if your a big foot... So work boots actually are the only choice for many.
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