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Mine have been working great since 05. have almost 30,000 miles on the bags. definitly have 30k on the bike. had a few good spills and there still holding up. until I was rearended 2 weeks ago. only thing that broke was the latches that hold them onto the bike. When I was hit they immediatly broke and the bags flew, like they were supposed to. It freaked the girl out cuz she thought those were my limbs.. Gonna order new latches and rivet them in and run em another 30+k. And still using the water storage function. love it.
Like I said, I don't think the Gobi's are bad bags, just that the Jeese's are better, much better. The water jacket is just a gimmick if you ask me, pain in arse to fill, pain in the arse to empty.
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