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Originally Posted by igorpetrovich View Post
I'm coming from a 2010 990 adv and I can tell you tha you are wrong, this bike (the R) off road is great and with much easier to handle from a throttle point of view because it's softer and flexible in the low rev. It's an important caratteristic for the off road (to me).
The only limit, only in the extreme off road, if we compare it with the 990 adv R is the ground clearance.
I think the first difference you'll see if u take the 1190 R where u take the regular 990 is the front won't have one anymore on the 1190 (to wide) now if u do the same like I did on my 990 and get a narrower one it'll be interesting to see how 150hp will work with 1.85 or 1.60 rim size ?????
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