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First night into Quito we stayed at the Casa Helbling...

...double room, private bath...

...I won the bottom bunk in a coin toss...

They have real hot water agua caliente. Not the electric shower head often found in these parts. Something to keep in mind for your return trip.

When asked, Court at Freedom told us of two places to stay in Quito. We picked this one because it met all of our minimal requirements but mainly due to its proximity to Freedom Bike Rental.

If you need the name of the other one ask Court.

As soon as we walked in the door Roodney hooked us up with a couple of beers. ($1.25 for a pounder.) We were ready. As mentioned earlier, the cab driver - even though he was hired through Casa Helbling - had no idea where he was going at first. We managed to finally get it sorted and us to the right hotel but there were a few tense moments. Self inflicted n00b move on my part. Print out all yer info and have it handy, is all I can suggest.

All in all it was a nice clean way to get from airport to hotel without any hassle (if I had simply printed out the info ahead of time) as it was late and a long travel day. YMMV.

There are restaurants and shops within walking distance if you have time to venture out.

They also have WiFi.

Lots of people from all over the world go through there so there's always an opportunity for good conversation in the common area.

Would we go back? Yes. Without giving the entire story away we in fact did for our return trip.

Maybe Dave has some more insite to add.
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