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forgot to show this yesterday. Note the smudge on the left side of the picture. We noticed similar smudges on the pictures yesterday--turns out it was a bug on the lens. Those were some serious bug swarms through Louisiana!

started the day in Vicksburg Mississippi. our plan was changed slightly because we spent more time at the "Vicksburg Military Park" than we anticipated, because it was Awesome (new ADJ.) if you're in the area of Vicksburg, recommend you see it.

sorry for so many pict's, but that was for the history buff's. in the early 1900's soldiers from the Civil war came back to the battlefield and helped document it, so it is the best documented battle from the civil war. the area has a real hallowed feel, quiet, serene and majestic.

Ok, after the tour, we got back on the Natchez Trace PKY. heading north. Again this is a fantastic ride, and highly recommend it. yesterday, I remember saying if only it had a stream it would be perfect. As if on command a stream appeared, then a river. today we did a little under 100 miles, bringing our total on the PKY. to somewhere just under 200 miles. it goes for another 200 in Mississippi alone and then into TN. today the highlight was the huge lake, swamp and the near perfect road lined by trees.

while standing on the boardwalk in the middle of the Cypress swamp, we heard a big splash. I happened to be looking right in the area and saw a big splash. at first we thought it was a branch that broke from high up and fell in the water, but then I saw the branch moving. it was about three feet of snake. it swam right toward us and pulled itself up on the base of the tree. I'm not an expert on snakes but if I had to guess I'd say it was a "python," if you look close you can see it in the next picture, at the base of the tree. how often do you see a snake fall out of the sky?

after we left the swamp, we headed north to the 16E and took that to Philadelphia MS. then the 19S to Meridian. the scenery on both the 16 and 19 was more sparse housing and occasional shacks, small town mixed with medium sized towns and even a college town, Clinton has Miss Sate. there. Had lunch at a deli and it was great. if you stop in Meridan, highly recommend "Dickie's BBQ pit" it's in a shopping center but it's some really good BBQ. Meridian is on the border with AL. we'll cross over tomorrow, hope to drive past an old boyhood home in FT. Rucker, AL.
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