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Originally Posted by az45 View Post
I race in the upper 3rd of the cars and have passed many bike guys over the past few years at NORRA. My rule of thumb is that if they are sitting down their tired or inexperienced and I use extreme caution. I usually wait as long as I can for a look back or a wave by before passing. Its pretty rare that you have to wait too long, but if theres plenty of room and the bike is riding a consistent line I pass.

I also pay attention to whos starting in front of me and count bikes if there are any. NORRA should be telling the drivers how many bikes are ahead of them and how far; they have the start times so it would be easy. NORRA could also give the option to the bikes to be held without penalty if a car is going to be the next starter on a stage.

If youre riding in the center of a graded road, or an inconsistent line of front of a car, youre going to piss off the car guy. If youre that guy, I want GoPro footage to get you DQd. If youre the guy stopped on course reading his road book, I want you DQd as well.

NORRA gave Buddy is 1:20 back that he spent with the fallen rider, so he won his class. It was the second time he stopped to help during the race. The first time was a rolled truck that he was concerned the occupants wouldnt be able to get out.
I don't know if you know the Feldkamps but Buddy Jr. is a great guy. He wouldn't have cared if he got the penalty or not. BTW so's his Dad!
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