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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
by who?

for example, out west in WY there are remote ADV routes that you need over 200 mi range till the next gas station.
with a loaded with gear 800 getting maybe 40mpg (or less) you could be walking w/o extra fuel along.

for alot of our interesting ADV rides/routes we do a 200mi range is the safe #. sure you can find gas earlier, but that involves a boring & long out and backs just to fill back up. if you have the range, you can go the fun way. they guy w/o a 200mi range is not invited.

That's why god invented the ROTOPAX.

I don't think I ever said you don't need range. And if you read the whole thread you'll have a better understanding where the statement came from. There are only a couple of ADV bikes made that get more than a couple of hundred miles UNLESS you do pack extra fuel. That's what I do.

EDIT: "By Who" - I'll have to find the quote. It related to road bikes and range. Probly from one of our illustrious journalists. ;)
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