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Just did 370 miles today ( mixed 140 highway miles, the rest back roads ) and averaged 45 MPG ( per the computer ). 800xc with stock exhaust and tires. Did about 80 MPH down the highway with the panniers off. My reserve light comes on around 180 miles or so and it always takes 3.8 gallons at the pump. I'm guessing I could do 220-240 miles on a tank before I'm walking.

The Tiger's range isn't what I was expecting but it is an amazing bike. Its too fun and functional to complain about the range. For those looking for ultra range, get a Rotopax, strap it to the back, the front, side or anywhere it fits and go. Tank size shouldn't limit anyone's possibilities.

This has been my point from the git-go of this whole mileage discussion. It just doesn't make any difference to most any of us what range the tiger has. If you need more you prepare for it. There are a lot that have tried to cloud the issue and whine about what's said, but in the end the Tiger is a great bike. If you want to use it for long distance it will work, and work well. And have fun doing it. It also works great as an urban commuter and around town scooter, it's very easy to ride, and it's very fast. Cutting traffic in the LA basin is just a hoot. I must pass thousands of cars. Now THAT is eco-friendly!

A lot of riders of these bikes have been riding for a VERY long time, and a lot have owned a LOT of other bikes. It's telling of the bike model when you have that kind of following. Yeah, there are some posers, and me-too's, and noobs, but there are a lot of knowledgable riders that have chosen THIS bike. Doing it all over again I would still choose it. Whether it got 38mpg or 48mpg it was never a consideration for me.

I never chose it as an enviro-friendly option either. I chose it as a performance bike.

Maybe dljockey's buddy will let him try his out, then he might have a better idea if he thought the bike was right for him or not. I can tell you it's absolutely nothing like the DR650. For whatever range you need, setup the bike to do that and go have some fun.
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