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At the start of the race on the lake bed I went over to John & introduced myself. I told him we must be the two oldest idiots in the race. John's 61 & I'll be 65 next month. Later I found out there was a guy from Mass. who is 69!(He didn't finish.) Anyway I got into the hot whirlpool with John the day after the end of the race at Cabo Azul. I couldn't believe it. He really was tore up. He is one tough SOB. I talked to his wife Suzanne when we left the next day. She was PISSED. I've only just met these people but I would be honored to have them for friends. That's the thing about racing in Baja. It takes a special breed. The bonding & camaraderie are almost immediate. You feel like you've known these people all your life. Pretty simple really. The're just like you!
John is my brother in law. I didn't see the incident because I was racing my 68 Bronco and a bit behind the bikes and faster cars/trucks. What I do know is that John is indeed one tough SOB. When we got to Cabo he was limping and decided to go and get his leg checked out. Turns out he finished day 2 and then rode day 3 and 4 with a broken fibula. I checked out his boot where the car hit him and noticed he's missing the buckles. I guess they weren't much of a match for a 35" BFG. But he was...and fortunately still is.
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