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I did that.
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Wink cheap stuff

For the locals mainly......

Crossfire, a military gear-type of store, behind BCF and underneath the Sportsmans Warehouse store in Fyshwick, has some cheap goodies at the moment.

Several bins of prototype stuff they made for defence, waterbottle carriers, and other holster-size stuff (including actual holsters and magazine holders too), the sort of thing you might throw a pair over as a tank saddlebag setup, $5 each. Drink bladder tubes with mouthpieces/bitevalves, $5 each (I got one given to me eh).

Also, some unobtanium genuine Goretex patches, to repair rips in the field in Goretex, $5 each also.

Some other doodads, you'll have to look for yourself.

Lots of expensive shit too, so don't whine to me about it.
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