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Originally Posted by sc00tertrash View Post
Stumbled upon your ride report and really enjoyed it. Great combination of writing and photography. Looking forward to the next one.

Are you going to load the bikes in the back of the truck, or tow them in a trailer behind the truck? I have an F250 (probably about the same tailgate height as your raptor) and I've never found a great way to load a street bike in or out of it. I've tried ramps, but I've never really found a easy and reliable method of doing it. Just curious if you have found a good way to load/unload them.

We bought a few 9' ramps. Three actually. One is 17" wide and the other two are 11" wide. I'm with you as far as finding a reliable way to load the bikes. I know they sell some really wide ramps, but storing them in and out of the truck would be a huge pain in the ass. with these I can put the three ramps side-by-side and ride the bikes up (the 9' ramps makes a huge difference). I have yet to load the streetfighters, but I've loaded and unloaded the dual-sports with no problem. And although the dual-sports are lighter, my Husqvarna is a lot taller than the SF and doesn't have as much torque. So getting the SF's on there will be no problem.

If you want more info on the ramps I bought just send me a PM.
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