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Was lucky enough to have yesterday spent the morning flying. All of these guys got at least one flight.

Starmax Cub...the gear is so weak on this actually broke on TAKEOFF. Made some changes and I hope belly landing this is now in its past. 1400mm

FMS Stuka, this is really a great flying plane flies like a trainer, 1400mm.

FMS P51B Maiden this plane yesterday...first plane with retracts, we will see how they hold up on the rough field I fly from. This flies very very nice as well...if all the FMS 1400mm planes fly like this I will be getting more.

Parkzone Albatross. Real nice little WWI plane and like all PZ planes it is just a stick battery in and go type plane. Wish the battery bay was a little larger 1700 bats fit fine 2200 are very tight.

FMS P40 this little guy is 800mm and you do have to stay on top of it...likes to be flown quick and you do have to be on it all the time or it will take a bight out of you. I think all their 800mm planes are pilots planes, I have had 3, Lost my skyraider, and still have the Zero and P40. I like them but their small wheels are really hard on my rough strip. I usually take about 10min to get them in the air...they just do not roll...and landing is usually a nose over and sometimes requires epoxy after.

All in all a good day, that P51 is my first plane with it a great deal....I am now eyeing their Zero and P40. Gotta build up the toy funds again.

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