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Originally Posted by IntrepidRunner View Post
Sting32, this is the most awesome reply I've received here at ADV! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions in great detail.

DerViking, thank you too. I'll consider your ideas too.
After thinking all night about it, Pricing for the model year (this is the only miss speak about the 06, and sorry) I realized I was dreaming/thinking of the 09? 250 I saw somewhere, even though talking PRICES of the 06's. So take at least $500 off my values, unless from a "dealer" I think, they have to make money you know.

06 like new probably 3500, hard for me to say exactly as I havent seen one - much over that being high probably, with it being stock, NON accessorized maximum and probably still high where I would find a MORE "used" even newer year, and be more happy... I have seen a 2010 300 Raga sell for $4500, was pretty damn clean, but it might been fluke type of deal... so wait for a deal you might find one, or miss one. OTher things add value to the sale, like used helmets and spare parts!

but those prices, are here in "conservative farm country" prices, east or west coast where economy is different, they could be higher like my initial guesses. I have seen advertized prices be high but negotiated sell prices are seldom disclosed, if you know what I mean? if I sell my car on craigslist (apposed to here for example) I probably inflate the price by a few hundred at least, just so I can come down, and we all feel better, on here I ask what I think it was worth, usually... I mean, you can't ask for more after you post it, I have met one guy that was able to, he posted something I wanted for exactly what he wanted price wise, then since we are amicable people, he explained "firm" or the fact that he didn't inflate the price to negotiate to the same which I think was fair, price... so just sayin...

Good luck, I cant believe you won't sell it close to what you paid, if you check other places see what they want for similar.
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