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Go Minimal Grfx...

Originally Posted by kaptinkaos View Post
It's not going to be flashy, no free advertising and I'm going to keep it "limited edition" crap and have something to keep the plastics looking sort of nice, lol!

Any suggestions?
I Love giving suggestions on others bikes...

Here's my insignificant take:

You have the perfect colored bike for putting a white / or clear Safari Tank (yes, I can't believe I said "clear")... because this is a perfect looking set up. If you really want to take advantage of the long range capabilities... This is it.

I totally relate with you on "no advertising". Not to upset others ( who doesn't love a Red Bull Blue Rally Replica or Repsol Orange/ Black/ Red)... But I love the statement of a bike purely naked of advertising... with the subtle manufacturers model on it.

I'm not sure why you don't like the Baja moniker... It's KTM's last opportunity to brand the bike for adventure, which is more of a grass roots logo then the Bedouin "Dakar" logo ( which to me is no longer relevant to this model). The bike hasn't been allowed into the Dakar Rally since S.A.. If you feel the need to loose the "limited edition" logo... so be it.

If you like a bike that's "dirty", "scratched" and "worn" yet looks clean.. Here's a viable solution:

Add the Safari Tank. Then sand down all the stock white plastic with a fine grit wet or dry to give it a "matte" look. Spray matte clear afterward to seal the finish and protect.

Create a stencil on adhesive paper in simple "block" font style ( like on the Safari Tanks) so you can re-spray the logo on to the side covers or tank for a touch up... similar to CJDesigns did for his AWD bike.

What you end up with is a matte white bike that looks utilitarian, looks modern, doesn't easily show it's scratches... And can have any body panel re-touched with a touch up... including stenciled in logos. And remembering, this is how the stock Safari Tank already looks, so it's a perfect match.

Ending blather now.
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