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Originally Posted by kaptinkaos View Post
Ok... My Google skills are pretty epic, but I'm having a hard time locating switches for a top clamp, or at least having troubles finding exactly what I need... Looking to put an HDB top clamp on with some accessory switches (hand grip warmer toggle, on/off for a few things, etc).

I'm in Canada so Acklands or Gregg's "should" have these, but does anyone have an actual part number or a know a decent supplier in Canada/USA that I can order through? Sometimes looking through a book with the guy at the counter is painful and if I can source these now I'll be happy as they can be waiting for me to tear the whole front end of the bike off and wire everything in when I do so. :) I'm only looking for push-button type, 2-position, silicone or neoprene boot. I don't think I need a second 12V power outlet as I usually only use that to charge my phone or tablet when parked up. I'll probably be wiring in a second fusebox under the seat to take care of any electrical needs that arise. Easier to wire things down there than up front and easier to access too. Plus, if I end up putting a pre-filter on (not sure if I will, but maybe if I find myself traveling south often to find dusty deserts).

email HDB, I told him what i wanted and he sent a invoice. Good luck!
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