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awesome rally!!!

Dean and crew, you guys did a fantastic job. You are all humble and say it's no big deal, but anybody who has put on an event knows how consuming those details can be. Congrats on a great job. Thank you all so much for taking such good care of us. The campsite was great, and even the toilet got a little more bearable as the new poop starting burying the old poop

Thanks too to my generous riding partners Joe, Darrell, Randall, Steve, Bill and Jack. You guys did all the 'work' planning and following routes, and making sure this noob didn't do anything stupid. And thanks for not laughing at me... too much

My wife, Carin, had a splendid time as well. We only did a single day of two-up riding (Hull Mtn) on Sunday, but she certainly felt the love from the group which will pay huge dividends in my ability to hang out with this crew in the future

I'm still amazed after DV and Mendo, my first two rallies, just how welcoming, generous, and helpful this community is. I guess we dump a whole bunch of $ in these rigs and all the gear, but these events are an amazing value, and they make all the time and effort on the bikes so worth it. I can't wait for another event, probably West Fest this summer. And see you all again in Mendo next year.


Sorry no pics to share, thanks to Randall and Joe for posting our ride shots!
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