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Originally Posted by spuh View Post
Hate to be a "big critic", but I was wondering what happens to polyethylene under heat of friction with asphalt. Does UHMWPE behave like nylon or like polyester?
Glad you asked that question, we wondered the same thing when considering using this highly advanced fiber for our protective jeans. UHMWPE has a high thermal conductivity (290-306F); Kevlar® has a low thermal conductivity (930F+-). The effects of friction heat depends on several factors: type of asphalt, air temperature, pavement temperature, water (if any), garment temperature, speed during contact, contact location, contact duration, etc. There is a lot of "hearsay" on the internet regarding UHMWPE and it's protection for motorcycle riders, mainly by companies promoting their own protective fiber and products. This is why we relied on a third party testing facility from an internationally recognized laboratory like TUV Rheinland to prove that our Kevlar®/UHMWPE blended internal protective liner works.
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