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Day 5: A Ride to Fallbrook, California via Sage

There was a period in my life (mid 70s) when Mrs. Greg and I thought about moving "back to the land" and had some property in the Ozark Mountains of NW Arkansas. That didn't work out, but along the way we met Jerry. He and his wife (they've since split) had a small farm in the Ozarks---Jerry is the best "ag" guy I've ever seen.

Anyway, Jerry has knocked about the US West for the last 40 years, and landed in Fallbrook, CA. I had my host Steve plot me a route to Fallbrook that avoided I-15, and set off to see Jerry...

Orange Groves & Vineyards...There're Still Some Left!

My route led south of Hemet on the aforementioned Sage Road as far as Sage itself, where I commenced riding on a bunch of "county roads" that eventually led me to Fallbrook. Many of these were delightfully twisty, and I was kept on my toes navigating (route changes every few miles), so I didn't get any pics. Well, almost none:

Along a straight stretch I got this pic; you could smell the orange blossoms!! And there were some vineyards! A little bit of "old southern California" is still left. All the agricultural area around Hemet (apricots & citrus, primarily) has long since been ripped out for cheesy houses. Sigh.

BTW, I COULD NOT BELIEVE the amount of development around Temecula! Back when I was growing up, there was nothing there but a "wide spot in the road." Sure ain't true now...

Lunch with Jerry...

We met at the Fallbrook Public Library; Jerry's hair was a little grayer (mine is, too) but he was in pretty good spirits:

Man, I think it's time for me to change that T-shirt...

We found an Irish Pub nearby, and got some lunch.

Jerry had been everywhere, and seen everything since I had last seen him. We ended up talking for over 3 hours. Having had an IPA, it was probably wise for me to wait that long, considering the twistiness of the return ride.

As always, it was SOOOOO good to see an old friend. And to treat him to a better lunch than he's probably had in a while...

A Stop at Eldon's Place near Sage, California

I think I mentioned earlier that I had promised Eldon (another ol' high school buddy) that I'd stop off on my way back from Jerry's to see his place near Sage. The country around Sage is just spectacular (to me), rolling hills...well, I like it.

Eldon's place is a little ways back on a dirt road...hey, no problem, the MTS1200 is an ADV bike, right? Once I got there, Eldon drove me around in his little "golf cart."

Kinda hard to see the "lay of the land" in these crummy photos, but---like I said---I just love the Sage area.

Eldon lives alone now, and although his football-star days at San Jose State are long since over, he keeps himself in pretty good shape (looks like, anyway).

So this is the kind of area and folks I grew up around. Simple, honest (well, mostly ) hardworkin' guys.

By the time I got back to Steve's place, he and Virginia were a little worried about me (it was almost sunset). I managed to get a pic of them before it got dark. They were SO NICE to me while I was there.

Well, the next morning I was heading back to New Mexico. Did what packing I could and had a good night's sleep.

I realize this is a pretty LAME ride report; thanks to anyone who's following it. I debated about whether to even post it, but I like to look back over these RR's years later. So I did.

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