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Back up a little

That EvilClown is such a cut-up...even had the terminal gals in stitches....

You didn't show her your joy buzzer did you?

Quito is a massive city by my country bumpkin standards...we needed to take a picture of the place in case we got lost wandering around.

After we arrive in Quito, have the customary crazy cab ride into town, and check in... We read the literature that comes with the room....don't leave your valuables in the room....don't take your valuables with you....if you get sprayed with feces, ketchup or mustard its probably just somebody trying to pickpocket you...don't agree to let them help clean you up because they'll rifle thru your pockets while you're distracted. Ok, I think I can recognize that scenario when it's time to start looking for a place to strap on the feed bag.
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