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Originally Posted by Tom Morrison View Post
When I decided to return my lowered F650 to standard height, I went with Ohlins, and am quite happy with the ride improvement. The one thing that would keep me away from the Touratech units, is the rediculous mark up on them. You can buy an Ohlins for half the price they ask for the same shock. I've heard these touratech shocks are made by Tractive? Is there an alternate dealer that does not gouge riders?
Yes, they are made by Tractive. And unfortunately Touratech made them pricey. But, before you compare Tractive (Touratech) and Ohlins, take the same level model. Even the basic Tractive shock is high quality one and tested way beyond reasonable. I know a bit of a background on these products (and manufacturer) and I can tell there has been serious engineering and testing for extended durability. The reason I went Tractive over Ohlins (or WP)
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